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Secondary Traps/Scrubbers

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Secondary Traps/Scrubbers

The Masport Secondary Moisture Trap is designed as a dual function moisture trap (scrubber) and a secondary shut-off trap that removes liquids still in the air stream after passing through the Primary Shut-Off Trap and prevents it from entering the Vacuum Pump. Liquid entering the Vacuum Pump can damage or destroy it.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in a range of sizes to suit airflow from 20 – 400 CFM
  • Port sizes in 1 ½” and 3”
  • Chemical and corrosion resistnat flot seat
  • Stainless steel float ball and heavy wall steel cage allow for superior durability
  • Independent shut-off float cage makes inspection convenient and fast
  • Supplied with ball valve for easy drainage
  • Painted or unpainted finish
  • One-year performance warranty
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