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H4 Series

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H4 Series

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The HD4 Series pumps are direct replacements for the HXL4 Series pumps

Key Differences


  • HXL4 Series pumps have a double shaft rotor
  • HD4 Series pumps have a single shaft rotor and can only spin in the direction as indicated on the front of the pump. CW and CCW rotations available

*It is important you verify the rotation needed before you purchase*  

Link to identify rotation needed: Identifying PTO Rotation


  • HXL Series pumps have a Mikuni brand, automatic oil pump
  • HD4 Series pumps have an upgraded Beka brand, automatic oil pump

Replacement Parts 

Replacement parts will vary between the HXL4 and HD4.  These will be marked accordingly on the shop pages linked below.

Features and Benefits

  • Achieve minimum 27″ Hg (Intermittent)
  • Available in both vacuum/pressure or vacuum only models
  • Precise machining and assembly
  • Heavy duty bearings
  • Viton oil seals for longer service life
  • Kevlar vanes are heat stablilized and machined with exacting tolerances for superior ruggedness and durability
  • Superior pump life
  • Mechanical oil pump with automatic oiling – no adjustment required
  • Durable translucent high temperature oil lines – allows visible flow of oil to the pump
  • End Thrust Protection prevents rotor to-endcover contact
  • 1 ½” bolt-on valve flanges for ease of installation
  • ¼” NPT vane flush port
  • Clockwise or Counter Clockwise rotations available
  • O-Ring Endcovers eliminates air or oil leakages
  • Easy to service
  • One-year performance warranty

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