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HXL75WV Plug & Play

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HXL75WV Plug & Play

Features and Benefits

  • 230 CFM HXL75WV Pump
  • 25″ Hg continuous duty operation
  • Heavy duty pump stand
  • Compact high efficiency Oil Separator and Scrubber
  • Integrated pre-filter with washable stainless steel pre-filter element
  • Vacuum/pressure relief valve and gauge
  • Self-aligning gearbox and hydraulic drive options available
  • Rexnord Omega Coupler on gearbox installations ensure greater life for both automatic and manual transmission
  • Easily accessible maintenance points
  • Oil, chemical and heat resistant hoses and float seat
  • Separator supplied with 3” NPT coupler and exhaust deflector
  • Available with integrated or combination oil/flushing reservoir
  • Available with either a left or right handed scrubber
  • One-year performance warranty

Other Product Configurations

Rotary Vane

HXL75WV Rotary Vane Pump

Tractor Pack

HXL75WV Tractor Pack System