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Meet the Team

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Meet the Team

Wes Tuttle

Wes Tuttle - Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Having been a Masport customer for thirty years, working within the OEM side of the Vacuum Truck industry, Wes brings a depth of product knowledge and industry experience to the role.

Over his career, Wes has worn a lot of hats, always gravitating towards sales and marketing roles, but also finding himself heavily involved in shop operations and general management.

“When I first started in the industry I joined a great company which was small, nimble, very focussed and became very successful. The thought of joining the Masport team really felt like coming home. I feel I can make a difference here and am excited to be leading a great team that enjoy working together.”

Wes says, as a customer, Masport’s reputation for excellence in service and being easy to work with was the reason why he chose to work with them for so many years.

“My role now is about supporting and growing our ambitious team, helping bring new products to market, taking care of our existing customers and bringing that exceptional Masport customer service experience to new customers.”

Wes is looking forward to more work life balance in his new role. With his son grown up and independent, he and his wife enjoy riding motorcycles, boating, fishing and camping and are enjoying exploring their new surrounds at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains in a quiet, small town north of Atalanta, Georgia.

Brennon Kitten - General Manager and Financial Controller

Brennon joined the Masport team in April 2020 at the onset of the pandemic and was immediately thrown into remote learning via phone and Zoom on his second day – not the traditional handover he was expecting!

His role involves overseeing the daily financial activities and processes both in the office and on the production line where the team are working on vacuum pump system assembly. He also heads up health and safety and wears an IT hat every now and then.

Brennon says he enjoys being a part of a culture that encourages continuous improvement. “It’s exciting to be able to make improvements to processes and provide efficiencies to our operations – especially seeing those changes quickly make a positive impact for customers,” he says.

Brennon’s background is in accounting and financial management and while he says the stereotype is that this work can be boring and repetitive, his role at Masport is not that.

“There’s a side of my personality that is outgoing and I like being around people. At Masport every day there’s some new challenge, a new project that I need to work on. I’m not just working in Excel spreadsheets anymore, I have the opportunity to help direct people on the floor, get product made for customers more efficiently – I have a good blend and I really like that,” he says.

Outside of work Brennon enjoys spending time with his young family.

Chris Lingbloom

Chris Lingbloom - Customer Service Representative

Chris joined the Masport team in March 2022, after 18 years in the transportation industry. With over 20 years of experience in logistics, project management, operations and customer service in an industry that doesn’t sleep Chris says it was time for a new opportunity and more balance.

“It’s been a good change – I’m working with a fun, supportive team and walking into the Masport office you’d think we’re a family owned business.”

Chris says while the learning curve in a new industry is huge, one of the reasons he enjoys this role is that he gets to flex his mechanical aptitude and get his hands dirty.

“I grew up a farm kid and love pulling things apart and fixing them. In my role I can go down to the warehouse to look at a product to understand how it works and tear apart products which have been returned under warranty to understand what went wrong.”

Chris is fielding calls and emails from customers, both end-users and on the OEM side –answering technical service questions or taking orders.

“Sometimes customers just need a bit of education and support – maybe they’ve bought a brand new truck with our product on it, and they want to be walked through things. I’m also learning a lot from a customer base that is very knowledgeable and a pretty friendly bunch of people.”

Outside of work Chris and his wife are actively involved with their two young kids’ sports and activities – including wrangling a puppy! They enjoy spending time outdoors, camping and fishing and are also big college football fans.

Kala Springer

Kala Springer - Customer Service and Marketing

Kala joined the Masport team in May 2021 after nearly nine years in the beef industry where she held various marketing and customer service roles which included developing strategy for marketing and advertising campaigns, website development and putting the customer first.

Her key focus at Masport is to ensure customer service satisfaction continues in an upward trend and that customers always get to talk to a real person throughout their interactions with the company.

Kala says she is excited about the ideas in the pipeline for Masport, but when it comes to marketing, having an in-depth understanding of how the company functions along with the needs of the customer is her first priority and what ultimately helps drive successful marketing.

“Customer service is a really important part of marketing, if you don’t understand the customer, how can you market to them? Likewise, if you didn’t have customers you wouldn’t have a business, so you’ve got to make sure they are taken care of,” she says.

“In a role like mine you get to meet so many different people and you learn something from all of them – feedback doesn’t have to be a negative thing as long as you process it and use that constructive criticism to improve. I’m not one to remain complacent – I’m always willing to hear real feedback from a customer.”

Outside of work Kala has a busy family life filled with various kids sporting activities, two energetic dogs and enjoys health and fitness and living an active life.

John Gilbert - Sales Manager

John Gilbert - Sales Manager

John has been an integral part of the Masport team for the past twenty-six years, and with that brings a level of expertise and understanding of the Vacuum Truck Industry our customers have come to depend on.

Through John’s extensive experience serving the Vacuum Truck OEM Market throughout North America in all our key markets (portable toilet, grease, septic, oil and gas, dewatering, stationary systems, and commercial) he offers customers a wealth of knowledge when choosing the right products for their business.

After serving in the US Army as a diesel mechanic, John’s early years with Masport were in the shop, where for seven years he honed his hands-on skills before joining the Sales team in 1995. His niche lies in vane pumps, sizing and trouble-shooting vacuum systems, truck components, field training and rebuilding machines.

John is excited about Masport’s future and he knows trust, familiarity and the longevity of the business are what matters to our customers. He’s looking forward to penetrating the market with new products and working with customers to develop new offerings to help meet their needs and grow their business.

“Being in the industry as long as I have, I know all of our competitors history and product range which I can use to both ours and the customer’s advantage.”

J.R Kidman - Sales Manager

J.R Kidman - Sales Manager

J.R. joins Masport with over eleven years of experience as a sales professional in the Vacuum Truck and Liquid Waste Industry. He brings a vast array of knowledge and skills through his time spent in technical sales, installations, rebuilding, customer support and training. With long-standing experience selling both Masport and competitor products, J.R. knows the quality and reliability of the wares he sells and stands by it 100%.

A Utah local and business graduate, J.R. is taking care of our existing customers and building new relationships in the West, and we are thrilled to have someone so knowledgeable on the ground dedicated to this region.

“This industry is a niche industry, you have relatively long learning curves, and it’s not easy to get into or learn and understand. We’re trying to make the end user’s life a little easier and more straightforward with the equipment we’re supplying. You’re actually building friendships and relationships with people and helping them to build and grow their business.”

Matt Mendiola - Sales Manager

Matt Mendiola - Sales Manager

Servicing the West Texas and New Mexico territory with a focus on the Oil & Gas industry, Matt brings youth and exuberance to the Masport team, and with this, a modern approach to selling by utilizing the likes of social media. Matt holds a unique and niche set of skills and his depth of associated technical information and industry knowledge is immense.

Growing up in Hobbs, New Mexico with over eight years gaining experience and respect within the Oil & Gas industry he is an accomplished sales person and an asset to the Masport team.

Hands-on and mechanically minded he has a genuine love of meeting new people and connecting customers with products and solutions to support their businesses.

“This is one of the busiest areas in the country right now for vacuum pumps and liquid waste pumps and for the last six and a half years that is what I’ve specialised in, it’s what I know most about, all the products, all the little accessories it takes to run them – I’m very excited to be part of the Masport team as we expand and grow our presence in the region.”

Crystal Jones

Crystal Jones - Senior Accountant

Crystal is responsible for accounts payable and receivable and provides support with payroll, month-end and general assistance to the Financial Controller. As part of a nimble, tight-knit team she is closely involved in the sales and operations of the business.

After receiving her associate degree in accounting, Crystal worked for a manufacturing company for sixteen years in accounting and finance roles, eventually working at Director Level. She gained experience across all aspects of manufacturing including sales support, engineering and cost accounting.

Upon closure of that business, she completed a Bachelors in accounting and joined a financial advisory/investment company as their Financial Controller. Crystal says she was excited when the opportunity to return to manufacturing came about with Masport in November 2020.

“I saw this move as an opportunity to tie a lot of my background into a role in an industry where my passion lies,” she says. “It’s an exciting time to be with Masport – to help the company grow and look at how we can improve at the speed we need to for our customers. We’ve got a good team here, everyone’s in this together, we ask a lot of questions and bounce ideas off each other to find the best way forward.”

Outside of work Crystal has a busy family life with her husband and two boys. Their weekends are spent taking part in lots of outdoor activities, landscaping, house projects and all the running around that comes with a house full of boys.

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